And So It Is!

Aside from ear hair, nose hair, even no hair, and barring muscle obstinance when doing things at age seventy that at thirty was a ‘piece of cake’, what is it that causes some to become miserable old people, to give in to ailments, to generally be timeworn and sad, while others appear to successfully sail on through the latter years? Why is it sometimes difficult to meet older adults who are truly happy with their current lives and/or happy about the lives they’ve lived so far? Is there an art to aging well, and if so, can it be learned?Read More »

Advertising – Part II: Trick ‘r Treats

FOOD—one of the basics of life that also plays a special role in celebrations, feasts, relationships, and events such as Halloween, where without the treats there’d be no tricks.

Oxford Dictionary says that the word ‘food’ comes from the Old English, ‘fōda’ which is related to ‘fodder’, or that which is fed to domestic animals. Is the food we see in advertisements perhaps more akin to fodder? Would we feed such food to domesticated animals?

A picture is worth a thousand words, so we’re told and obviously believe because we’re spending our money on things advertisers are especially tricky about with respect to food. Why? Because they know we need to eat to survive, and they know that we need to buy food to eat. Good-looking food means good-looking profits! For consumers, it may well be that we’re spending beyond our need and/or income. Read More »

Advertising – Part I: Tricked into spending?


Paper mail, addressed to me personally, includes two free roadside assistance cards that I can use without cost for the next 10 days, should my vehicle break down. The sender must trust me by sending me the ready-to-use cards. Further, when I go online and enter the promo code provided in the mailing, it activates my name, address, and other info. The advertiser’s forethought, care, and attention must make the offer valid, yes?

Nada! Read More »

SPIRIT OF SURVIVAL—What makes some people resilient?


We construct a picture in our minds of how we want our lives to be. Our choices put that construct into action, building that picture, then nourishing it. Often, sacrifices are made to ensure the picture thrives.

Some see their picture come to fruition, and they enjoy their creation. Others find Life interjects its own splash of colour or blackness, forcing change. Sacrifices and compromises become tools as a new or altered picture is created.

I’m curious about those splashes of colour and blackness, and the subsequent change(s). I’m curious about the costly sacrifices and compromises as a new picture evolves. I’m curious to know what it is that spurs some to be able to build a new picture and move forward, while others crumble, unable to project any picture at all, or at very least, are left unable to take action on a picture that emerges in their minds.

What makes some people resilient? Does everyone have a spirit of survival that lasts a lifetime, for part of a lifetime? Can it become stunted, eliminated?Read More »