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Gunshots? Rapid succession… like a machine gun? Can’t be!

Pull back the drapes. Glistening in the early light of morn is an icy gloss coating trees that shout transformation. The green of leaves is barely visible through the weighty wet glass that covers them along with their now encumbered branches.

Crack! Screech! Thunderous crash! Old trees flip out of the earth, baring long, gnarly roots as their thick trunks collapse on the ground.

Incessant popping… the sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard… all are meagre attempts to describe the cry of limbs long and full splitting from trees and smashing lifeless to the frozen floor of the woods.

Fifty-plus trees uprooted
Photo Credit: A. Riley
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Covid-Christmas Kindness

A short story inspired by actual events

Audio Version available here

Mariam glances at what seems to be a never-ending queue of customers waiting to pay for their purchases. She’s tired and her feet hurt from standing for so long. The cash register spits out receipts one after another until the last person in the queue is before her. He points to his ear.

Mariam asks, “How can I help?”

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The Theft of Baby Ily

A Short Story Inspired by True Events


The wooden docks at the port of Halifax, Nova Scotia, are saturated with the tears and footprints of immigrants who fled their homelands at the end of the nineteenth century in search of a better life in Canada. The trip was arduous and long, with hopefuls surviving unthinkable conditions in the bellies of ships that weaved through turbulent Atlantic waters. Sadly, many did not survive.

Inspired by true events, The Theft of Baby Ily is the fictional account of one Hungarian family determined to start life anew in our great nation. After enduring tremendous hardship for weeks of sea travel, the family is thrilled to be able to submit their official documents to Canadian Immigration authorities at the docks in Halifax. While the father is dealing with government officials, Baby Ily is ripped out of her mother’s arms.

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