Teddy Meets Kiboko

Some of the greatest fun I’ve had has been writing the book, TEDDY MEETS KIBOKO, and its underscore, along with the audio version for listeners of all ages.

It is sheer joy to write novels and short stories for both adults and children. I’m particularly interested in promoting literacy, therefore many of my youth/children’s novels include a Study Guide. One such book, Mystery of the Singing Ghost, Book I in the PRAIRIE MYSTERY SERIES, was interactive and first published online. It was accessed by teachers and educational institutions around the globe. Mystery of the Singing Ghost is now available in print and digital versions, along with Book II, Mystery of the Tractor Ghost, Book III, Mystery of the Three Sisters, and Book IV, Mystery of the Lost Cell Phone.

Root For Reading, a sixty-three volume levelled series was originally crafted for my own toddlers when teaching them how to read. Youth novel, Rush of the Raven’s Wings, (also in audio format) is for the older reader.

Writing Kidnapped Santa (also in read-along video), a novelette for early readers, and then setting out to engage elementary school students with Teddy Meets Kiboko, an audio book complete with original soundtrack and an international twist, were fun indeed! Teddy Meets Kiboko is enjoyed by students of all ages who are learning English.


ROSE in a BROKEN BOTTLE – Adult novel based on a true story
NINE GIFTS- with Study Guide
THE CURSE – with Study Guide
RUSH of the RAVEN’S WINGS – Youth short story with Study Guide
NO PASSPORT FOR ÉTIENNE – Short story inspired by true events
THEFT OF BABY ILY – Short story inspired by true events
MYSTERY of the SINGING GHOST – with Study Guide
MYSTERY of the TRACTOR GHOST – with Study Guide
MYSTERY of the THREE SISTERS – with Study Guide
MYSTERY of the LOST CELL PHONE – with Study Guide
TEDDY MEETS KIBOKO – Children’s novel with Study Guide
KIDNAPPED SANTA – Children’s novel with Study Guide
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